Oversized transportation

In 2020, our company started a new service of the transportation by bulk carriers of Giant OTR tires and OTR tires with their further delivery to Kuzbass and other regions of Russia.

This is a special type of tires, and they are indispensable for special machinery and heavy machinery operating in harsh and extremely adverse conditions. For example, depending on their type and markings, they can be used in mining, earthmoving machines such as tractors, dump trucks, scrapers, complex construction work and projects, and road and off-road applications.

It is important that the delivery of such tires requires certain skills and conditions for their transportation. We have successfully implemented the process of delivering Giant OTR tires and OTR tires to the regions and, over the years of work, we have extensive experience in handling such cargo. We will be happy to advise you and help with delivery.

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